In 1998, we made the decision to specialize in the area of successful surveillance operations and achieve a video ratio of 95%. We employ surveillance operatives that conduct surveillance 40+ hours each and every week and average over 2000 hours per year. Surveillance should be considered an investment and our current clients enjoy an average return of 20 times the amount paid out for surveillance. If you feel that surveillance is a waste of time then you should give it another shot through Access. We’ve seen clients spend $500 and save $250,000 and we’ve had clients spend $5000 and save $10,000. Investigation companies come in many different sizes and specialties. You wouldn’t hire a divorce attorney to defend a high exposure bodily injury claim and the same rings true for investigators. Many Investigators claim to offer surveillance, but using the wrong company is like flushing money down the toilet. Surveillance with Access is money well spent. Do not take our word for it. Just ask a few of our clients. We would be happy to provide references at your request.

Each investigator is equipped with a digital Camcorder, a pinhole hidden camera, a cell phone, laptop, and most importantly the knowledge and training of an Access investigator. We are prepared to follow the subject into gyms, stores, malls, lumber yards, etc. while continuing to document the claimant’s physical or mental capabilities without missing anything. This ability has proven to be highly effective in the mitigation of high or low exposure claims. Most of the time you don’t get a second chance to get this video. We do it right the first time!